Susie is a fully certified Yoga Alliance teacher who brings her vast range of therapeutic techniques to her teaching. As a Health Psychologist, Nutritionist, Counsellor and Coach she inspires one to healthier lives though Pranayama (breathing exercises), mindfulness, meditation, visualisation, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative Yoga. She guides her classes intuitively and with compassion.


There is plenty of research and information about how amazingly good for you Yoga is. It is suitable for everyone in some form. It can be relaxation for one and fitness for another depending on the style of class and the way in which one approaches it. For me the gift is the space it creates in our lives. Also the space it creates in our responses. We are machines of stimulus and response. Through our yoga practice we can be more in command of the knee jerk reactions, less likely to react like a hair trigger when people or situations press our buttons. It creates an opportunity to make room for  an option to choose your response. It enables us to learn to manage our emotional states, and to slow down the “amygdala hijack” just a little.

Susie teaches small group sizes, no more than 8 people at a time in order to give full attention to individuals and enable them to progress and develop their practice. Please email for more information.

The yoga is based on Hatha principles to attain balance of mind and body, whilst tuning, toning and increasing flexibility and stamina. The breath work (Pranayama) is a formidable tool for stress management, and once learned can aid one in everything from exams to sports matches or any high stress situation.

The power of yoga to transform your physiology, and mental state and help to change old negative habits to healthier habits going forward with the investment of a few pounds and a few hours a week in my book, makes it a tool for a happier life. 


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My Yoga 

The word asana or yoga body posture is derived from the root Asa-bhuve meaning to Be.


Being in the moment not doing in the moment. 

It is not about “becoming anything” but discovering  what is already present within you. It is not about “gaining enlightenment” but uncovering the layers and redeeming sahajawesta - your natural state.

As clarity develops one is able to have more control of the physical and mental states, be they flexibility of mind and body, desires, wants, must haves or fears, even anxiety or low mood. 

Coming to stillness is the mind through peeling away the layers, stemming  the flow of mental activity. The mind gradually dissolves into the higher self, a yogic experience of the state of non duality. The fulfilment of the Upanishadic state of BEING.

Begin at the root and grow slowly, grow with patience and persistence. Build strength and power whilst breaking down tension in the body. Through rhythm and focused awareness we free the mind leading to freedom from old habits and ways of being.

Internal yogic locks or bandhas are like windows that may be opened of closed.We may lock to retain energy or pranic flow which increases physical endurance and sharpens the senses. Or we may release these locks to increase awareness of internal muscles, to develop and refine relaxation responses. By developing awareness of our internal locks we grow stronger and allow the dissolution of tension in the periphery of the body. We free our joints and direct energy to our core and spine. We massage our digestive organs and increase efficiency, we calm the gut allowing better digestion and assimilation of nutrients. We build a strong constitution and healthy immune system. Through movement we increase awareness of ingrained  movement patterns, improve coordination and proprioception. Through Pranayama - the formal practice of controlling the breath we release rigidity, stiffness and tension. It is a yogic discipline with it's origins in ancient India.


Dharma may be seen as life’s bigger  purpose, unique mission. It may be seen as ones idiosyncratic qualities of each being, one might say the essence of what makes one meaningfully oneself.

Through self inquiry, allowing ones unique talents, gifts, insights to evolve and emerge in whatever form they emerge. To allow energy to flow into and feel a greater sense of spaciousness and freedom may lead one to their Dharma.

It may be that without Dharma life may feel empty or vaguely dissatisfied.  The may lead to boredom or feeling restless, seeking solace within food, or alcohol or dissatisfaction in relationships.


Susie has a vast breadth of knowledge that she uses to great effect to unravel why a person is physically and mentally functioning as they are and how they can reach an optimum state. Her retreats are fun, informative, the food is lovely and Ibiza was a wonderful setting. The restorative yoga at the end of the day was incredibly relaxing and I loved it."

—  Helen Davies, Bucks.

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