Our workshops can be tailored to suit you as an individual, small or larger groups, groups of friends, private or for business...


We also run group workshops every month -  focusing on optimal performance and natural approach to health and well-being - all welcome.

By continuing to reflect on the content we transfer the new knowledge into long term memory. Through a cycle of generalisation of knowledge and experience we begin to fully integrate, making change much more likely. People often have big insights as to what has been going on and learn new and powerful ways moving forward.


Our workshops involve enlightening programmes, facilitating self inquiry through the informative and leading to revelation and awareness of how to make real sustainable change. Workshops tailored to your needs...nutrition, mind, bodywork and yoga.

What will that look like for you? 

Perhaps a personalised stress reduction strategy, or a clean eating programme, or sustainable weight loss with detoxification. You choose…we facilitate.


To reserve a place on our workshops please email...we like a personal approach and the chance to discuss your needs and tailor your programme.


Susie has a vast breadth of knowledge that she uses to great effect to unravel why a person is physically and mentally functioning as they are and how they can reach an optimum state. Her retreats are fun, informative, the food is lovely and Ibiza was a wonderful setting. The restorative yoga at the end of the day was incredibly relaxing and I loved it."

—  Helen Davies, Bucks.

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