Genetic information can inform your health and wellbeing

You may have heard of DNA sequencing in order to ascertain your lineage. We offer professional genotype analysis to attain optimal health and performance.

Your DNA in your hands

It is also known as SNP(Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) testing (pronounced snip). It gives you user friendly information which allows you to make lifestyle changes which will ameliorate the affects of your genes via your environment.

In other words genes are not your destiny. Understanding your pre-dispositions is the first step to pro-active management of your health and life style.

Your genes load the gun, your environment pulls the trigger.

Make sure you are not squeezing the trigger on your ability to perform at your strategic best.

DNA testing gives you an opportunity to make a make a huge shift, no less than a change in a paradigm because it is entirely bespoke to you.

DNA testing has opened many doors in enabling us to reset the results of our DNA through epigenetics.

This means that many things that were previously considered genetic it is now clear that they are epigenetic. Epigenetic’s, simply put, is the study of the biological mechanisms that switch genes on and off. Epigenetic is what you eat, where you live, who you interact with, how you exercise, when you sleep, how you age, what toxins you are exposed to and how you handle them. It is the bit that makes us unique. A change in phenotype that does not involve genotype. The best thing is its possible to reverse epigenetics.

In terms of optimal performance what could be more effective than a strategy totally unique to your blueprint. An opportunity to tweak your lifestyle in terms of nutrient intake, possible supplementation, sleeping at the right time for you, exercising in a way that optimises performance without injury.

It is important to note that DNA analysis determines your risk factor not whether or not you will get the disease. Get in touch to find out which test is most appropriate for your needs.

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