Healthy Gut, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Nutrition Detox Yoga Workshop

Date: Next date tbc 2019

Time: 11.30 - 2.00

Venue: Thornborough Village Hall, Thornborough, MK182DQ


At this workshop we will explore ways in which we can reset. We will cover Detoxing, fasting and intermittent fasting and how to ensure a proper nutrient intake. There is a common misperception that a Detox must be a stringent fasting regimen. A proper, safe detox is just the opposite.There will be a talk on gut health and how it affects…… everything. How gut bacteria and it’s impact- even on mental health as well as weight gain, and disease.

Why do we need to Detox?

Simply put, the body has a limited number of options to deal with an unlimited number of insults.

You will learn….

- How often we need to Detox?

- How to ensure a proper nutrient intake.

- How to manage a Detox in real life terms.

- How to reduce the load on your immune system.

- How the frequency of meals affects your health.

We will look at:

- Food as nourishment

- Managing your

- Beating the bloat

- Food as medicine

- Food as mental health

- Microbiome

- Practicalities

- Always Lose weight carefully

Your Host:

Susie is a Nutritionist, Psychologist, Counsellor and Health Coach to GB athletes among others. She has practised Functional / Clinical Nutrition for over 25 years in both London and Buckingham. Her passion is helping people to feel great. Being healthy is positive vitality, not just the absence of disease.

Susie has written papers on stress and it’s affects on performance. She runs a retreat company offering immersion in total health.

More information...

Cost: £35

Nutrition talk and what to expect…

Gut bacteria affect everything from how we feel to what we choose to eat, from energy levels to our experience of pain and arthritis. At this workshop we will break down what this means for you and your health and how you can optimise your gut health.

We will explore what a detox does for your gut health (Your microbiome- the totality of bacteria in your body).

- How and why do an elimination diet

- Which foods are beneficial in eliminating toxins

- Why you need fat during a detox

- How to re-establish balance in the digestive system

Restorative yoga…

We will practise some gentle detoxifying yoga postures which aid in cleansing and optimising digestive function. We will explore deeply restorative postures to reset our nervous system. We will learn breathing techniques which aid in keeping calm in times of stress and aid clarity of thought.

This will be an informative and potentially transformational workshop.

The Workshop will explore eating habits and how you can build more healthy nourishing meals into your week. We will look at and find solutions to your specific problems.

We will develop ways to keep on track, support and be motivated going forward. Not only how to Detox but how to keep eating healthily and work on the lifestyle factors which make a difference in attaining optimal health.

You will get recipes; tips, short-cuts and nutritional tips to feel great.

To book a place, please email Susie on