Detoxification, aka biotransformation

There are many types of detox on the internet. There is controversy in some peoples minds as to whether it is even necessary. In my Health Practice I use Guided Detoxification. Mainly because some symptoms and conditions have failed to respond to conventional medical therapy may be improved or even resolved by a guided detoxification.

Biotransformation comes from “to transform - change that thing or person so that they are improved”. And Biotransformation means the alteration of chemicals such as nutrients, amino acids and toxins, rendering non polar compounds polar, so that they may be excreted. Toxins come from our food and our environment. Endo-toxins have to be disarmed just as exo-toxins do. Whether the substance is good or bad for you relies on your unique ability to detoxify.

People may be suffering from long standing conditions including digestive or skin problems, head aches, low energy, depression, anxiety, mood swings, eczema, join aches, weight gain and many more, without realising they may be connected to the foods they are eating.

What does a guided detox do for you?

It reduces inflammation, often low grade inflammatory reactions in the gut, which make the intestinal wall more porous, which then exposes one to large undigested food particles (A condition referred to as “leaky gut”).

It supports a healthy microbiome. More than 70% of the immune system is clustered around the digestive tract. The way the immune system responds is impacted by the flora that inhabit the gut. This is in turn impacted by lifestyle, exposure to antibiotics (as they can kill off a significant part of the gut bacteria).

The right nutrients are required for a healthy gut, as it it constantly assessing things that are ingested or inhaled. In order to protect against an imbalance when beneficial and non-beneficial microbes may be thrown off course, the gut require’s support with the correct balance of phytonutrients, probiotics, and probiotics.

I work with you to heal the gut, reduce the toxic burden, promote body awareness to food reactivity and response, perhaps exclude for a period of time prevocational foods.

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