Reasons to re-treat yourself

1. If it matters to you - you will make the time. If not you will make the excuses.

Let’s examine this. It’s bit too simplistic of course, but at some level it’s true. The problem arises when we are too busy rushing through life to make the time for self care. The sort of behind the scenes self care that is so important. Conscious relaxation, meditation for clarity, time to sort out the real priorities, or just space to think.

2. Life is fast paced. We all rush through life at some stage. By taking a ‘time out” you can reappraise the frenetic pace of life and examine perhaps why you are running like a hamster on a wheel. Is it your choice or is it just habit? Or are you meeting everyone else's expectations and subjugating your own.

3. A retreat is an amazing opportunity to eat a fabulously healthy diet, a diet which will be reaching inflammation which may be manifesting as anything from anxiety, to fatigue, to irritability and lack of motivation.

4. On retreat you establish a whole host of healthy habits. Sometimes in the thick of life its impossible to find the time both mentally and physically to take care of yourself. On retreat you stop. You just concentrate on you and what you need. Being somewhere new and fresh creates an opportunity to view life afresh.

5. The restorative yoga is delicious - so named as it really restores you. It feels as if someone has just given you a warm hug. With it comes this amazing sense of relief and release.

6. Strengthening yoga- at the beginning maybe you feel as if you can’t do it, but as the week progresses and you lose yourself in what is going on for you in your body. The yoga combined with breath work enables the vagus nerve to do its work and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Bring on the peace, the time and the space…..and the bikini!

7. You actually meditate! With regular mindfulness and mediation practise come so many health benefits. No deadlines, no emails, no demands. When you are running full pelt its difficult to establish a routine. On retreat you can get the habit. Maybe only 10 minutes a day, but when this is established you can integrate it into life back home.

8. You deserve this. You work hard. Putting it off “ I can’t YET” “I will when I have ….” tomorrow’s retreat never comes. Dive into your dreams and book it now!

9. Your body and mind can become aligned in the physical sense and the psychological sense. A retreat helps you acquire the tools for greater psychological resilience. It gives you resources which you can employ at work and home with family, friends and colleagues.

10. A chance to sweep clean, clear out the old habits and establish new ones which will serve you better in life.

11. A retreat gives us a chance to relate to mistakes we may have made (ours and those of others ) with tolerance and understanding. Grow your self compassion and get a new perspective.

12. You will practise yoga, 2 classes a day. You won’t have to fit it in. It will be there, you will be there. Present, focussed, calm and clear.

13. A chance to rejuvenate totally. Write a journal, clear your mind, restore your body, fill your heart with love.