Gut, bugs, and a healthy microbiome

What happens in your gut doesn't stay in your gut, it has a profound effect on your brain and immune system. In health gut function is paramount. Nutritionists and naturopaths have (recognised this connection for years with mainstream medical journals lagging behind.) Hyper-permeability of the gut leads to a myriad of unpleasant symptoms ranging from acidosis to allergies and intolerances to mood swings, burping and bloating. The analogy of a garden is useful when considering gut and immune health. We don't want too many “weeds”. Variety of bacteria (is required for optimal functioning/health).

I have utilised probiotics therapeutically as a health resource in my Nutritional practice for over 25 years. There is plenty of misinformation on the internet on this subject. In a clinical setting assessing imbalances by utilizing a variety of tests and taking a comprehensive health history ensures that specifically targeted strategies can be developed in order to alleviate symptoms)

What are probiotics? They are “ live micro-organisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”, as defined by the World Health Organisation. When administered orally probiotics temporarily colonise the gut mucosal lining. They may prevent the attachment of pathogenic bacteria. Whilst we do not know everything about how they do this, we do know that they compete for nutrients and improve the immunological intestinal barrier, (essential over the Christmas period of excess). The gastrointestinal tract (comprises) of 70-80% of the body’s immune cells contained (within) in the mucosa and the mucosa associated lymphoid system and it’s (associated glandular tissue).

I work with you to heal the gut, reduce the toxic burden, promote body awareness to food reactivity and response, perhaps exclude for a period of time prevocational foods.

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