Serenity Retreats is the passion of Health Psychologist, Nutritionist, Counsellor, Coach, Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga teacher 

Susie O'Kelly.


After 25 years helping people to be the best they can be, we now offer Retreats to seriously transform and sustain your health and well-beingThe combination of removal from the stresses and strains of life into an environment where you can do the internal work necessary to make positive changes in your life is a powerful tool.


Our retreat locations are carefully selected for tranquility, comfort and beauty.


Our retreats involve enlightening workshops, facilitating self inquiry through the informative and leading to revelation and awareness of how to make real sustainable change. Workshops tailored to your needs...nutrition, mind, bodywork and yoga.

What will that look like for you? 

Perhaps a personalised stress reduction strategy, or a clean eating programme, or sustainable weight loss with detoxification. You choose…we facilitate.


The food is fabulous, healthy, made from fresh ingredients and organic wherever possible. 


To reserve a place please email...we like a personal approach and the chance to discuss your needs and tailor your programme.