Optimal nourishment is not just about eating the right foods, it is optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Everywhere you look these days there is advice about what and how much you should be eating. On our Retreats and in our Consultations we go deeper, through individual analysis of your unique needs we craft an eating programme to establish optimal wellbeing. Together we examine lifestyle changes that can be integrated to real life.
Functional Nutrition views you from a perspective of health and function rather than disease or sickness. I work with you to achieve the  best possible health and performance through the lens of establishing balanced homeostasis.
Your body is made up of cells, which form tissues which form organs which ultimately form body “systems”, such as cardiovascular, digestive, immune and neuro-endocrine systems. These are all inter-linked and are complex biochemical pathways.  By uncovering why or what has caused any slowing down or dysfunction in biochemical pathways and rebalancing these we can work together to attain optimal functioning ie get you feeling great.


You may notice that chronic disease is often preceded by declining function. With Functional Medicine we aim to reverse decline, or as a minimum, substantially improve dysfunction that contributes to the disease state. We are unique and our genetic predispositions do not have to lead to disease, by examining lifestyle interactions, evaluating clinical information and resetting balance between external and internal factors like client body, mind and spirit. Together we understand and what triggers may have led you to this state, what is keeping you in this state. Thus we are able to restore optimum function and balance.