As a health psychologist I have tools and tips to help you get on track, stay on track, and maintain healthier behaviours when you get back to real life. By learning about our behaviours and doing the internal work we really begin to understand  what goes wrong and why it goes wrong. You can then integrate into your life personalised strategies to keep you on track, incorporating whatever change you desire:

From reducing the amount of coffee you drink, or the food you eat or  maintaining an exercise  regime.

Developing together a personalised stress reduction strategy which can be accessed  anywhere. 

These tools help develop psychological resilience, so that when crisis strikes we have the equipment ready.


Susie has a vast breadth of knowledge that she uses to great effect to unravel why a person is physically and mentally functioning as they are and how they can reach an optimum state. Her retreats are fun, informative, the food is lovely and Ibiza was a wonderful setting. The restorative yoga at the end of the day was incredibly relaxing and I loved it."

—  Helen Davies, Bucks.

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