We work progressively to build strength, suppleness, flexibility.
No previous Yoga experience required….

These classes have evolved from the amazing improvements the clients who play golf have experienced.

  • I specifically tailor the classes to increase flexibility through the thoracic vertebrae and strengthen the core. This in turn increases the range of movement in the shoulders and gives a solid base to work from.

  • Together with increased focus and breath work, golfers improve from the very first yoga class they take. Balance and timing is of course an important part of golf and something which yoga enhances from day one.

  • The flexibility and strength which comes with practise allows golfers to improve endurance and power. It allows us to continue playing for longer. 

  • Golfers require above average muscular strength to achieve a consistent repeatable swing. By improving muscular endurance through yoga, golfers are able to perform at a high level for a sustained period of time. Mobility through the joints is also important. Regular practise will increase functional mobility.


As a Health and performance professional Susie is able to help you find your best game consistently.

First things first you don't have to wear Lycra and vests. Shorts and a tea shirt is fine.

Core strength builds to allow greater balance, improved swing by increasing  twist through the thoracic vertebrae. This then expands the range of motion.

Traditional Hatha yoga is moving slowly with the breath. It is the yoga of balance. During class you can visualise your downswing and work through hip rotation.

You may find asymmetry in your body which is less obvious whilst playing golf. During class the controlled movements (asana’s) will expose muscular imbalances, and begin to restore centre of gravity.

The poses in yoga are fabulous for building strength and endurance. These classes specifically use poses to increase hip rotation, thoracic rotation and enhance alignment.

An added benefit of yoga for golfers is a reduced  risk of injury, allowing you to play better, longer and with more confidence.

The final secret weapon for golfers is to learn and maintain  the ability to find focus from the first tee, and sustain endurance both physical and mental to the 18th green. 


Susie has a vast breadth of knowledge that she uses to great effect to unravel why a person is physically and mentally functioning as they are and how they can reach an optimum state. Her retreats are fun, informative, the food is lovely and Ibiza was a wonderful setting. The restorative yoga at the end of the day was incredibly relaxing and I loved it."

—  Helen Davies, Bucks.

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