Feeling under par? Can’t find your mojo? Susie has extensive experience with thousands of clinical hours helping people deal with a variety of problems from lacking energy to mood swings to anxiety, depression and weight problems.


Targeted advice including nutritional guidance may be all it takes to get you feeling the happiest and optimally functioning you.

There is no one size fits all...

You will get science based individual recommendations to promote optimal being. A tailored programme taking into consideration any time or financial constraints you may have.


Our consultations can involve exploration through nutrition, mind, bodywork and yoga... tailored to your needs.


An initial free  20 minute telephone (or Skype) conversation followed by a detailed health history, including genetic history, general health and any specific medical issues, what you eat, how you spend your time and sleep. 


Susie has a vast breadth of knowledge that she uses to great effect to unravel why a person is physically and mentally functioning as they are and how they can reach an optimum state. Her retreats are fun, informative, the food is lovely and Ibiza was a wonderful setting. The restorative yoga at the end of the day was incredibly relaxing and I loved it."

—  Helen Davies, Bucks.

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