Serenity Escapes is the passion of Health Psychologist, Nutritionist, DNA Analyst,  Counsellor, Coach, Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga teacher 

Susie O'Kelly.


Helping people to attain the best levels of energy, serenity and focus is my absolute passion. Working in a clinical setting since 1998 and in a coaching capacity since 2000 I feel the more focused approach achieves greater results for people. I set up the private practice, Nutrition Physician and began helping people to achieve health and vitality using behavioral strategies alongside nutrition. I now share my passion at Serenity Escapes  through Retreats, consultations and workshops. I have over 25 years of helping people make changes in their health and well-being trajectory in a sustainable way.

I work with people examining genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors and their interactions. Together we develop a client centred approach to establish wellness, and an expression of vitality and serenity. For over 25 years I have educated and motivated people to make the changes before the crisis occurs, a fully active, eyes wide open role in establishing healthy eating patterns and conscious stress management and eliminating negative behaviors. Sharing it with you in a format which is easily integrated into real life is my passion.



2011 Psychology BSc Hons 

1997 Functional Nutritionist 

1996 Counselling Diploma 

1998 Cognitive Behavioural Therapist  

Post Graduate training.

2016 The Gastrointestinal Metabolome in Clinical Practice: Dr David Quig PhD Ms Bs Microbiome, Detox, Redox

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2012 Glycophospholipids: Prof. Garth Nicolson & Dr Rita Ellithorpe at The Royal Society of Medicine

2012 Auto Immunity and gluten: Dr Tom O’Bryan at The Royal Society of Medicine

2010 Sports Nutrition: Anthony Haynes at The Royal Society of Medicine

2010 Effective Weight Loss: Anthony Haynes at The Royal Society of Medicine

2009 Enzyme therapy of cancer: Dr Nick Gonzalez at The Royal Society of Medicine

2009 Probiotics: Michael Ash at The Royal Society of Medicine

2007 Explaining unexplained illnesses: Prof Martin Pall at the Royal Society of Medicine

2007 Adrenal Health & Fatigue: Dr James Wilson at The Royal Society of Medicine.

2007 Natural Cures for diabetes, circulatory disorders and more. British Association for Nutritional Therapy.

2007 Nutritional Management of autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities. Dr Natasha Campbell- McBride. CMA

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